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5 Sticks Consulting is a specialist provider of Occupational Hygiene services. We were born out of a clear need to offer our clients flexible and tailored Occupational Hygiene solutions.

“Improving health & ensuring compliance, by keeping it simple for you and your business.”

- Greg Dean, managing director

We know that our strengths lie in working collaboratively with our clients. We build partnerships that provide flexibility, timeliness and professionalism. 

Dedicated Partners

Consider us as a team member that can be relied upon when needed. We build long term relationships that will serve your business well into the future.

Effective Collaboration

Our clients enjoy the benefits of our experience. We deliver a unique understanding of the occupational hygiene requirements of large corporates and small businesses alike.

Integrity & Transparency

Every individual project is provided the highest level of service & capability. Benefit from our desire to deliver the very best outcomes for your business.

Decades of Occupational Hygiene experience

Our Occupational Hygienists have worked extensively in a variety of industries, including the mining and resources sectors, heavy industry, manufacturing & development. 

They have a demonstrated ability to apply the Occupational Hygiene principles of anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control.

Professional team

Proven expertise across a diverse range of industries.

Leading Technology

Cutting edge techniques delivering the results you need.

Agile & Cost Effective

We're ready when your project needs us.

Occupational Hygiene Consultants

Our Management Team

5 Sticks Consultants come from a variety of backgrounds including medical, nursing, health & safety, chemistry, science and industry. This allows a more holistic approach to our clients Occupational Hygiene needs. We have Certified Occupational Hygienists (COH), Occupational Hygienists who are full members of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (MAIOH) as well as emerging Occupational Hygienists currently learning the profession as Occupational Hygiene Technicians. 

Greg Dean MAIOH

Grad Dip Occupational Hygiene

Co-Founder, Managing Director & Senior Occupational Hygienist

Greg’s specialty experience includes, but is not limited to, Noise and Dust sampling, Welding Fume, Diesel Particulate and Indoor Air Quality.

  • Graduate Diploma of Occupational Hygiene – Deakin University (2013)
  • Graduate Certificate in Applied Science – Deakin University (2012)
  • Diploma Occupational Health & Safety – Churchill Education (2012)
  • Diploma of Management – Churchill Education (2012)
  • Advanced Diploma of Paramedical Science – NSW Ambulance Service (2006)
  • Bachelor of Nursing – University of Technology Sydney (1996)
  • Cert IV Training and Assessment TAE40116
  • Full Member (MAIOH) – Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists

Greg is a Senior Occupational Hygienist based in the Townsville office. He came to Occupational Hygiene after a career in health care working in the government and private sectors as a Registered Nurse and Intensive Care Paramedic.

This background fuelled his passion for improving and ensuring worker health. He has over 10 years’ experience in the field of Occupational Hygiene having worked in a variety of sectors ensuring an understanding of the requirements of working in industry from a variety of perspectives. 

Alleah McNeilly maioh


Operations Manager & Senior Occupational Hygienist

Alleah’s specialty experience includes, but is not limited to, Noise and Dust sampling, Welding Fume, Diesel Particulate, Lead and Fit Testing.

  • Bachelor Biomedical Science – Central Queensland University (2009)
  • Cert IV in Work Health and Safety Training and Assessment BSB41415 (2018)
  • W201 Basic Principals of Occupational Hygiene (2013)
  • Associate Member (MAIOH) – Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists under their Certification Scheme

After completing her studies to become a Biomedical Scientist she found her way into Occupational Hygiene. This role has allowed her to combine her passion for health and science by implementing appropriate control strategies to prevent ill health caused by the working environment. She has spent the majority of the last 10 years effecting change within the resources sector, whilst managing key clients and personnel.

Diane Dean


Co-Founder & Office Manager

Diane oversees and supports administrative duties throughout all of 5 Sticks Consulting’s operations, including developing and maintaining company policies and procedures, managing and maintaining IT infrastructure, managing office budgets and is the company’s bookkeeper.

  • Qualified Occupational Hygiene Technician
  • Bachelor Degree in Nursing
  • Advanced Diploma in Paramedical Science

Diane has enjoyed an extensive career in health care working in both private and government sectors as a Registered Nurse and Intensive Care Paramedic. Prior to that Diane worked in the accounting sector.

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