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  • Development, implementation and review of Occupational Hygiene services and plans
  • Ensuring client compliance with regulatory requirements. Specifically:
    • QGL02 Guideline for Management of Respirable Crystalline Silica in Queensland Mineral Mines and Quarries
    • Recognised standard 14 Monitoring respirable dust in coal mines
    • Work Health and Safety Regulation
  • Conduct, implement and review Health Risk Assessments (HRA)
  • Plan and conduct monitoring of workplaces for occupational health and hygiene hazards, including (but not limited to):
    • Respirable dust
    • Respirable crystalline silica (quartz)
    • Noise
    • Vibration (whole body and hand arm)
    • Mould
    • Diesel Particulate Matter
    • Inhalable dust
    • Welding fume
  • Preparation and delivery of corporate documentation
  • Workplace auditing and gap analysis for Occupational Hygiene risk management systems
  • Development of prioritised continuous improvement action plans for strategic occupational risk reduction
  • Development of Management System and Legal Compliance auditing
  • Workplace Training and Assessment
  • Preparation of management reports and presentations
  • Statistical analysis
  • Management of potable water
  • Respirator Fit Testing
  • E.A.R. fit testing
  • Equipment hire


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