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The 5 Sticks Workplace Health and Safety team brings a personalized, solution-driven approach to fostering safe and compliant work environments for businesses in the Brisbane region. Drawing from years of hands-on experience and advanced tertiary training in WHS, our dedicated consultants deliver expert guidance tailored to the specific challenges and requirements faced by organizations across various industries operating in the local Brisbane area.

Brisbane WHS Services


Safety Health Management Systems

Implementing a robust safety management system or occupational health and safety management system is paramount to upholding legal requirements and safeguarding the well-being of your personnel.

Our Brisbane-based team of seasoned professionals excels at crafting bespoke systems that adhere to the Queensland Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and the harmonised national model of work health and safety legislation. We adopt a comprehensive methodology, commencing with meticulous risk assessments specific to your operations.

We then  formulate tailored policies, procedures, reporting mechanisms, and documentation practices. We conduct extensive training programs to instill a pervasive safety culture across all echelons of your Brisbane-based organization.

Our solutions are purposefully designed to be practical, scalable, and customised to the unique dynamics of your industry, operational processes, and organizational structure. This approach ensures seamless integration and long-term sustainability of your safety initiatives, while maintaining full compliance with Australian regulations.

Additionally, we possess the capability to develop and implement an integrated management system for your Brisbane operations, systematically aligning with relevant legislation, codes of practice, and Australian standards.


WHS Audits

Maintaining ongoing regulatory adherence and continually refining processes are paramount imperatives in the realm of workplace health and safety. At 5 Sticks, our comprehensive workplace health and safety audit offerings furnish an impartial, third-party evaluation of your organisation’s safety protocols and operational practices.

Our seasoned auditors, possessing deep-rooted expertise in pertinent standards and legislative frameworks, conduct a meticulous Safety Gap Analysis to pinpoint areas of strength and identify opportunities for enhancement. Transcending a mere checklist approach, we adopt a consultative stance, endeavouring to develop a nuanced understanding of the unique challenges confronting your enterprise and providing pragmatic guidance while upholding ethical tenets.

Leveraging their extensive industry acumen, our auditors proffer tangible recommendations to bolster your workplace health and safety management strategies, cultivating a culture of accountability and fostering the continuous optimisation of safety measures.


Safe Work Method Statements

Maintaining steadfast compliance and driving continuous improvement are fundamental priorities in the domain of workplace health and safety. Our comprehensive workplace health and safety audit offerings at 5 Sticks provide an impartial, third-party examination of your organisation’s safety frameworks and operational protocols.

Leveraging their extensive experience and profound familiarity with pertinent standards and legislative mandates, our seasoned auditors conduct exhaustive gap analyses to uncover areas of strength and pinpoint opportunities for enhancement. Extending beyond a perfunctory checklist paradigm, we embrace a consultative approach, endeavouring to cultivate a nuanced comprehension of the unique challenges confronting your enterprise while proffering pragmatic counsel within ethical parameters.

Drawing upon their deep-rooted industry expertise, our auditors deliver actionable recommendations to fortify your workplace health and safety management strategies, nurturing a culture of accountability and driving the relentless optimisation of safety measures.


Contractor Management

Prudent oversight of contracted personnel is paramount to preserving a secure worksite and mitigating the risks associated with engaging external workers. Our team can work closely with you to develop a comprehensive contractor management program, providing practical tools to ensure seamless alignment between your contractors and your existing Safety and Health Management System (SHMS), while also upholding a regulatory-compliant approach to supervising third-party workers.

Our veteran consultants curate robust systems meticulously tailored to the unique exigencies of your operations, encompassing stringent prequalification protocols, continuous monitoring mechanisms, and performance evaluation matrices. We offer an end-to-end solution that includes conducting extensive due diligence on contractor qualifications and safety antecedents, as well as enforcing unwavering adherence to your site-specific mandates.

This proactive management paradigm empowers you to validate competencies, identify potential hazards, and implement requisite control measures, thereby fostering a cohesive safety culture that permeates beyond the confines of your direct workforce. Under our guidance, you can engage contractors with unwavering confidence, secure in the knowledge that you are upholding the most stringent standards of workplace health and safety.


Workplace WHS Inspections & Risk Assessment

Adopting a proactive approach towards hazard recognition and risk mitigation forms the bedrock of an efficacious workplace health and safety strategy. Our workplace WHS inspection and risk assessment offerings furnish an independent, exhaustive evaluation of your facilities and operational processes.

Leveraging their extensive industry expertise, our seasoned consultants conduct meticulous on-site inspections, adeptly identifying potential hazards, both general and situation-specific. Subsequently, we use robust risk assessment methodologies to analyze the severity and likelihood of incidents, giving you a clear understanding of your risk landscape.

Our assessments deliver more than simply identification by offering pragmatic, cost-effective control measures that are meticulously tailored to the unique dynamics of your workplace. This systematic approach fosters a proactive stance towards risk management, enabling you to judiciously prioritise interventions and allocate resources effectively while simultaneously safeguarding the well-being of your personnel.


Construction & Site Safety Plans

Construction projects present a distinctive set of dynamic safety challenges that necessitate meticulous planning and seamless coordination. Our Construction and Site Safety Plans service offering for project management adopts a comprehensive approach to mitigating risks across the entire project lifecycle.

Our team of experts collaborates closely with you and all relevant stakeholders to curate robust Project Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Management Plans and Site Safety Plans, meticulously tailored to the unique exigencies of your construction undertaking. Through exhaustive risk assessments and extensive consultations, we identify potential hazards, implement requisite control measures, and establish well-defined protocols for safe work practices, emergency response mechanisms, and ongoing monitoring procedures.

Irrespective of whether you are a principal contractor, subcontractor, or site manager, our plans serve as a comprehensive roadmap for maintaining a secure worksite, fostering a culture of accountability, and cultivating an ethos of safety excellence. Under our guidance, you can navigate the intricate complexities of construction projects with unwavering confidence while concurrently prioritising the well-being of your workforce and upholding industry-leading best practices.


Safety Culture

Nurturing an entrenched safety culture is pivotal to catalysing sustainable enhancements in workplace health and safety performance. We recognise that cultivating a positive safety ethos transcends the realms of policies and procedures, necessitating a comprehensive, people-centric approach.

Our safety culture development initiatives begin with exhaustive surveys and assessments to accurately gauge your organization’s current safety climate. Equipped with these insights, we engage in close collaboration with you to formulate tailored strategies that foster a sense of ownership, promote accountability, and encourage proactive participation across all echelons. Through targeted training programmes, effective communication frameworks, and the establishment of robust reporting and feedback mechanisms, we empower your workforce to internalise safety as a core organisational tenet.

This cultural metamorphosis extends beyond mere compliance, enabling your organisation to embrace safety as a competitive differentiator and a fundamental pillar of operational excellence.

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WHS Management Systems

What is a WHS Management System?

Fostering a safe work environment while adhering to relevant legal mandates necessitates the implementation of a structured and comprehensive workplace health and safety (WHS) management system within an organization. In the context of Queensland and Australia, such a system assumes paramount importance in Queensland and Australia.

The legal obligations enshrined in the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Queensland) and the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011 (Queensland), based on the model Work Health and Safety laws adopted by most Australian states and territories, necessitate the implementation of a WHS Management System. 

By instituting a robust WHS management system, organisations can proactively identify and mitigate potential hazards, implement effective control measures, and foster a culture of safety that permeates all aspects of their operations. This holistic approach not only ensures regulatory compliance but also enhances workplace productivity, reduces the incidence of accidents and injuries, and cultivates a heightened sense of employee well-being and morale.

The Benefits of WHS Management System

Implementing a meticulously crafted workplace health and safety (WHS) management framework enables organisations to proactively recognise and mitigate potential workplace hazards, institute efficacious risk management strategies, furnish appropriate training and supervision to personnel, and cultivate an ingrained culture of safety permeating all facets of operations.

This comprehensive system ensures that the organisation maintains well-documented policies, procedures, and records, thereby demonstrating unwavering compliance with legal requisites and facilitating the continuous enhancement of workplace health and safety practices.

By embracing a WHS management system, organisations can adeptly manage workplace risks, prevent incidents and injuries, curtail the associated costs of workplace accidents and injuries, augment productivity, and safeguard the well-being of their workforce. Ultimately, this holistic approach contributes to the overall success and sustainable operations of the enterprise.

The importance of implementing monitoring and evaluating WHS systems.

At 5 Sticks, we recognise that cultivating an optimal workplace safety environment transcends mere compliance and box-ticking exercises. It necessitates a nuanced understanding of your organisation’s unique culture, operational dynamics, and strategic objectives. This philosophy underpins our approach, as we collaborate closely with you to formulate tailored strategies that catalyse meaningful improvements while ensuring adherence to regulatory frameworks.

Our suite of services encompasses comprehensive safety management system development as well as targeted solutions such as hazard assessments and injury management protocols. These offerings are meticulously designed to inculcate a proactive safety culture that safeguards your most invaluable asset—your workforce.

Irrespective of whether you are a fledgeling enterprise seeking a foundational starter kit or an established corporation requiring long-term support, 5 Sticks’ Workplace Health and Safety team remains steadfastly committed to delivering cost-effective, innovative solutions that confer a competitive edge. We cultivate enduring partnerships predicated on trust, continuous communication, and a shared commitment to fostering safer workplaces for all stakeholders.

Join the burgeoning cohort of businesses across Australia that have forged strategic alliances with 5 Sticks for their workplace health and safety requirements. Connect with us today to explore how our expertise can empower your organisation to thrive while prioritising the well-being of your team.

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